nurse ratched (maccha) wrote in kanjified,
nurse ratched

more kurt cobain words!

管理人(かんりにん)custodian... not sure if this can be applied to things like... the school custodian, but methinks it CAN be since it's what's listed in my itty bitty generic dictionary and THAT'S the meaning I was surprised at. I knew kanrinin as a webmaster type thing also.
想像力(そうぞうりょく)mental image
過小評価(かしょうひょうか)kashou meaning something like under and hyouka is technically 'evaluate', giving us the wonderful approximation of... underestimation. add a する to make it a verb and bingo, underestimate!
引き下がる(ひきさがる)means to withdraw oneself, but does it also pertain to personality, not physical proximity?
交渉(こうしょう)is a negotiation, and I used it thusly:交渉するつもりより大きいものだ, attempting to get the drift of "getting more than one bargained for" out of that. It makes sense to ME! But then again, lots of things do make sense to me that don't to other people.

P.S. apparently "itty" is misspelled and spell check suggestes "titty" instead. dirty old LJ.
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