nurse ratched (maccha) wrote in kanjified,
nurse ratched

apartment contract japanese

剥がす=はがす=peel, come off, fade
襖=おう=sliding door

gotta take stock in my new contract. I like the fact that the shoebox can be marked as "missing"
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Hello, my name is nagacat.
This night, I came across this wonderful community by chance. And, if you don't mind can I correct one?

襖=おう=sliding door

襖=ふすま=sliding door

I'm not good at foreign language ( English!! ) so I respect you. Because your Japanese is so good.
I don't mind at all, my dear!
So, like... is this the onyomi versus kunyomi, I wonder? I thought I HAD heard a word for "sliding door" before that WASN'T one of those "weird" words with lots of お and う in it...

maybe I'm thinking of a sliding screen door... 障子 i guess...
Thank you your kind replay!
I got just pic for explanation about 障子 and 襖.

(This is at my journal's ScrapBook.)
The right sliding doors are 障子 and the center doors are 襖.
I hope this pic helps for you.